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Anti-Wandering System


Installation Suggestion

Ceiling Mount
Wall Mount

eCare Anti-Wandering System creates a safe and secure environment for the elderly

  • With the increasing trend of an aging population, providing a safe and comfortable living environment for seniors is crucial. The innovative anti-wandering intelligent system ensures the safety management of elderly care facilities.
  • eCare Anti-Wandering System combines with advance RFID and NBIoT / 4G / WiFi technologies, it comes with the user-friendly eCare management platform. The system allow for greater freedom to elderly/ patients while creating a save and secure environment for them. Camera free protects privacy.
Remote Monitor & User Friendly Management Software
  • Discrete Monitoring
  • Easy To Install and Save Space
  • Effective Detection of The Elderly Leaving the Nursing Center
  • Monitor Elderly Loitering

Functions and Features:

When a resident attempts to leave the elderly care facility through any entrance or exit, the smart sensors detect it instantly and trigger an immediate alarm. The resident’s name is displayed on the monitoring platform or smartwatch, enabling staff members to quickly respond and take necessary actions.

The eCare anti-wandering RFID smart tag is designed to be attached to clothing and offers high durability for repeated use. The smart tag is made of high-quality materials that can withstand multiple washings and high-temperature disinfection (heat resistance up to 120℃). As long as the tag remains undamaged, it can be used continuously, saving costs. Utilizes NBIoT/ 4G /  WiFi to connect to a cloud-based MQTT server for remote monitoring and management.

eCare Anti-Wandering – Sensor

• Equipped with management and control platform software system for easy operation and maintenance.

• Utilizes UHF RFID sensors combined with proprietary efficient signal processing algorithms to improve identification rate and stability.

• Complies with international standard wireless protocol ISO18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2).

• Operating frequency coverage of 902-928MHz/865-868MHz, enabling global compatibility.

• RF output power adjustable from 0~30 dBm to adapt to different environmental requirements.

• Equipped with an 8dBi concealed antenna, achieving a read distance of 0~5 meters.

• Product dimensions: 256x256x38mm, constructed with high-strength ABS material.

• Multiple installation options: ceiling/wall.

• Weight: 2 KG

• Operating voltage: DC12V/ 1000mA, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

eCare Anti-Wandering – Smart Tag (for clothing)

• Smart tag dimensions: Strip style 70x15x1.5mm/Button style 26×2.6mm, lightweight and compact.

• Frequency and specifications: UHF 865-928MHz/ISO18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2), strong compatibility.

• Clothing fixation method: Can be sewn or heat-pressed for secure and durable attachment.

• Sensing distance: 0-5 meters, suitable for various scenarios.

• Cleaning heat resistance: Up to 120℃, can withstand high-temperature disinfection.

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