About Us

Hanshin is founded in Hong Kong & China for more than 25 years and becomes one of the world leading manufacturers in the Electronic Industry. Our products are distributed in over 20 countries and improve life and experiences of our worldwide users.

Our Strategy

At Hanshin, we are committed to providing excellent one-stop service to customers, which includes custom design, develop and manufacture services strength. Vid by our latest cutting-edge technologies AI, NBIoT, Radar, PVDF, Air Quality … our innovative safety healthcare solution ,inherit our skills and technologies in order to contribute to society.
Factory Area 16,000 m²
Factory Area
16,000 m²
Office Area 1,000 m²
Office Area
1,000 m²
Production Area 6,000 m²
Production Area
6,000 m²
Warehouse Space 3,000 m²
Warehouse Space
3,000 m²
Production Capacity > 8,000 pcs/M
Production Capacity
> 8,000 pcs/m

Winner of the Electronic Industries Awards


R&D Team Familiar with AI product:

The trend of global aging society, our R&D team aims to develop the best artificial intelligence Internet of Things, healthcare solutions, to contribute to society, a series of eCare products, has received positive responses from different industries, especially hospitals, nursing homes …

In-Bed health care system

The system can speedy and accurately detect target’s vital signs to provide a safe and reliable system. Alerts are launched when an abnormality is detected (including presence in bed, heart rate, breathing, sleeping quantity and air quality, etc.) within 2 seconds.

Fall detection system

The AI fall detection radar uses AI to analyze the characteristics of the target’s posture parameters. An instant alert will launch once danger is detected, which analysis through continuous detection and recording the changes in speed, distance, posture, and other activities. An abnormal long-term steady will also known as danger.

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