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Hanshin eCare@Home

Hanshin eCare@Home

Hanshin eCare@Home is an advance system designed to enhance elderly lifestyle, it combines safety and health monitoring system in one. This loT system makes use of Al. technology and mobile application for real-time tracking of health indicator, air and sleep quality.

• Health Indicator which monitors vital signs bed exits position changes, and sleep quality on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for analysis

• Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, which sends alerts if CO2, TVOC or temperature levels are excessive

•An emergency alert system for abnormal situations, and a Help Button for immediate assistance requests

Hanshin eCare@Home+Plus

  • Healthcare mini tablet PC
  • Real-time local weather
  • Medication and meal reminders by Text / Picture / Voice
  • Schedule reminders by Text / Picture/Voice
  • Sleeping and air quality report with analysis
  • Abnormal situation alert to family members, nursing home and etc.
  • eCare supports third -party testing devices (FDA Certified) such as: Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Blood oxygen, Heart rate, Body temperature …
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