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Smart Wearable Thermometer

Key Features

• 7 /24, continuous monitoring of body temperature
• Fever alert can be getting at anytime & anywhere
• Low battery & disconnect notification are available.
• User friendly software, real time monitoring, record keeping and sharing. Just at your fingertips.

Have you ever experienced to measure the body temperature for your baby I family member every hour while they’re unwell? Such situation might happen during Covid-19. It’s exhausted.

eCare Smart Thermometer is simple to use, attach the ultra-compact design sensor and pair it to your mobile phone tablet. It will alert you while body temperature abnormal.
eCare Smart Wearable Thermometer utilizes advanced technology to compliant ASTM E1112 accurately measure body temperature without the need for frequent measurements. Simply apply it under the arm and you can measure their temperature anytime. The sensor is equipped with intelligent reminders that instantly send notifications when there is an abnormal increase or decrease in temperature, enabling you to take prompt action.
eCare Smart Thermometer comes with a user-friendly mobile application, real-time monitoring body temperature. Software is able to monitor multiple sensors at the same time. Record & chart are available on your mobile phone/ tablet.

No More Manual Measuring and Recording


• Body temperature is used to be recorded manually every 4 hours.  eCare Smart Thermometer can significantly reduce manpower cost.

• Body temperature is real time synchronized to console display

• Console Apps supports unlimited smart thermometer & multi-group monitoring

• Charger tray can carry 6 thermometers charging at once

• Support  smart thermometer and real time synchronize to console display

• Special design sensor, when non-touch skin detected, notification will be sent

• Offline alert will be triggered while disconnect in between the thermometer and console Apps

No More Multi-Platform Let’s integrate into existing systems

Through our open API, this is possible to fully integrate with existing dashboards software.

Advanced Technology

Utilizes high-sensitivity: compliant the ASTM E1112 standard with an accuracy of+/- 0.1

Product Specifications

Thermometer Sensor Size : 4.9 x 4.5 x 0.65 cm
• Docking Station Size : 5.9 x 5 x 2 cm
• Communication : Bluetooth 5.3 / loT MQTT Wi-Fi ,4G LTE
• Thermometer Sensor Weight: 10 g
• Power Consumption : DC3.7V / 0.5mA

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